(Prices are subject to ongoing adjustments) - all prices in DKK

Normal feettreatment (footbath, nailcut, grinding of nails, removal of hard and rough skin, clavis and heelcracks, light massage and delicious footcream) 60 min. 450,-
Small feettreatment (40 min.) 375,-
Complicated feettreatment (Like normal treatment but more timedemanding because of very deep hellcracks, very much hard and rough skin, many clavis or very thickened toenails) 90 min. 550,-
Partiel treatment (Nails OR skin) 300,-
Heelcracks 350,-
Clavus - just 1      225,-
Clavus - 2 or more   300,-
Treatment of hand or footwarts 225,-
Brace-treatment of ingrown toenail (1 nail) 325,-
Brace-treatment of ingrown toenail (price each following nail) 250,-
Correction of brace 225,-
Inserts in silicone for toes From 150,-
Inserts in filt 50,-
Individually made inserts for your shoes From 1.500,-
Nailpolish removal  50,-
Nailpolish (a colour you choose from the clinics selection)  125,-
Nailpolish with your own nailpolish   125,-
Nailpolish and sealed with UV-gel 250,-
French nails with gel 500,-
Reconstruction of toenail with fiberglass  (1 nail) 450,-
Reconstruction of toenails (price each following nail) 350,-
Fee for non-show / cansellation less than 24 hours before treatment 270,-



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